Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hank and Friends

Hank and Buster.

It been awhile since I've updated Hank's blog. We've been busy and a new horse has arrived at the center named Buck.

Buck, he has his own story.

Hank and Buck are both doing well, fitting into the herd of 16 equines.

Hank still has some lameness in his front feet, but I've only done 3 trims on him so far. His frogs are trying to redevelop after so much time out of function. He's trots and canters in the pasture with no sign of lameness most the time, so it's we can only wait and see and keep trimming him.

In the meantime, Buck came here with some behavioral issues. But he's a neat horse and I think he just needed someone who understands him.

Pearl, Hanks former gal-pal!

This is Pearl. She was Hanks mare, but now she's taken up with Buck.

She's a pretty mare that we rescued when she was 18 months old as a starvation case. She's 12 now and a fickle little thing. She loves the geldings and hooks up with each one, as each new boy comes in, she dumps her previous boyfriend and takes up with the new guy.

Although we've tried a few times. Pearl has not been a horse that we could successfully rehome, due to some emotional baggage caused by her treatment as a baby. One of Pearl's pasture mates, also a young horse, died of starvation, 2 others were rehomed and Pearl was turned out into a pasture of 30 hungry, often thirsty, horses to make her own way.

The former owner, a breeder, that fell on hard financial times, and finally had to give up her breeding stock. We took Pearl before she ended up like her pasture buddy who didn't make it.

There so much more on Pearl's story that I need to start a blog about her someday. But we have a website under construction now, and all our horses will have a page on there.

Stay tuned. Soon Hank will be a going concern!