Friday, April 17, 2009

Hank's New Friend

I think Hank has found himself a new little buddy. This is Jessica. Her mom and dad (aka my cousin, Craig, and his wife Linda) brought Jessica and her sister, Brittney, over to see the horses. Both girls are HORSE CRAZY! You've got to love that.

Hank has been doing very well soundness wise and he has easily become a part of the entire herd. All 16 horses in one field.

However, just yesterday I noticed that he is favoring his right front leg and he seems stiff in his hind legs. I'm hoping the lameness is an abscess that his been lurking up in his hoof for a long time, possibly contributing to his diagnosis of navicular. But we'll see.

The stiffness I'm seeing in his hinds could be arthritis, caused by overworking him as a 3 year old. A common practice especially in the quarter horse world.
Here is Brittney visiting with Hank and a few pasture mates.

We will keep you posted on Hanks progress and his relationship with his new friends. Jessica is a natural. She hopped up on Hank's back with nothing but a halter and no fear.

Hank seemed a little surprised so I'm betting that he probably has never been ridden bareback and he was a wee bit concerned about that, but Jessica let him know there was nothing to fear. He didn't get up to any shinnanigans with her either, except for the few times that he stopped at the gate, hoping that the ride was over. He's kind of a lazy boy I think.

I'm pretty sure Hank hopes the girls will be returning for more fun!

Don't you worry your pretty head over it Hank, they'll be back to see you this summer!